What is a listserv?

A listserv is an e-mail distribution group that permits you to:

How does a listserv distribution group work?

You send a message for your colleagues to read and/or respond to. Messages are posted in response to yours, and so on. A message sent to the group goes to everyone in the group.

One e-mail sent to the Moose-Chatter address will send an e-mail to ever single person’s mailbox on the list. If you want to reply to an individual, use their e-mail not the list!

Participation on the listserv is limited to current MBOIA members. If the e-mail is not on the list, that address can’t send or receive mail. The server checks against the list and will reject any email address not on its list.

How do I sign up?

The Moose-Chatter listserv is a managed by the Training & Affiliate Group staff at MMA. The e-mails are update or added and deleted as members join the organization or change jobs or change their email address. Members should contact training@memun.org  if you experience any problems or to change your e-mail address.

To send a message to the listserv simply send an email to: Moose-Chatter@mmaaffl.org .

MBOIA listserv guidelines and protocols

When posting messages to the Moose-Chatter listserv members should keep in mind the following general guidelines: