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September 2011
International Code Council Update

DOE Building Energy Code Resource Guide for Policy Makers
now available here.


2010-2011 MBOIA Board of Directors

(left to right) Kathryn Joiner, Chris Hansen, Dabney Lewis, Freeman Abbott, Secretary; Bruce Smith, Past President; Barbara Skelton, Treasurer; Mike Nugent,President; Jodine Adams, Vice President; Dottie Harris, ICC Staff;
Paul Demers

Dick Lambert receiving the first annual Code Enforcement Officer of the Year award from the MBOIA President
Dick Lambert receiving the first annual Code Enforcement Officer of the Year award from the MBOIA President

MBOIA Bylaws

Click here for Bylaws

Paint and Asbestos Regulations

“EPA Agrees to Delay Lead Paint Rules for Contractors”
Click Here for Information

Click here for a DEP prepared CEO Information Packet on both lead based paint and asbestos regulations.

Archives 2010

ICC Update October 2010

Click here for updated FAQ’s on the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code produced by the State Planning Office [3/2010]

The attached letter was sent out this week expressing the Association's concerns about the new State Plumbing Code and the need for municipalities to purchase a copy of it if they want one.

To read the letter, click here. [July 6, 2010]

Archives 2009

The Technical Building Code and Standards Board is now accepting applications for persons interested in applying for a position on any of the Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs). 

If you are interested in serving on any of these groups, please fill out the application and send it to tjnel@securespeed.us.The Board would like to send these along to the State with a letter of support, that is why we are asking for the applications to be sent to us first.  If you are interested in what the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code looks like, please volunteer to serve on one of these groups.

Request for Technical Advisory Group Members [10/2009]

Application for Technical Advisory Group Appointment

Send application to:tjnel@securespeed.us

MBOIA lends support to LiDAR Grant Application [11/20/09]

December 2009 Membership Meeting


Membership Social



President Nelson and Board Member Demers Draw Raffle Tickets



Dan Hill (a.k.a. Our Own Santa Claus) winning a raffle.


2008-2009 Officers and Board Members with Dottie Harris of ICC

MBOIA members attend ICC Annual Conference

MBOIA was well represented at the 2009 ICC Conference and Code Hearings.  Those in attendance were: President Tim Nelson, Vice President Dick Lambert, Board Member Mike Nugent and member Dan Wellington.  The conference included election of officers, two days of education sessions, various opportunities for interaction with code officials from throughout the country and the world and, of course, the first round of code change hearings that will form the basis for the 2012 editions of the I-Codes.

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Subsurface Wastewater Disposal System Permit Surcharge Now in Effect!

That State Legislature, during its budget deliberations this year, decided to fund the Water Quality Improvement Fund by enacting several surcharges.  One of those surcharges is a $15 charge to all non-engineered subsurface wastewater disposal systems permitted after July 1, 2009.  Unfortunately very few people knew about this surcharge until Russ Martin sent out a newsletter to all LPIs last week. 

After a discussion with Russ and Andy Fisk from the Maine DEP, the letter found at this link was generated so that our membership could be made aware of this change.  Please note that they are asking that we start collecting this money “as soon as possible” and that it is not necessary to seek back payment for systems already permitted since July 1.  Please note the special instructions on how to remit the surcharge to the State.

Link to the 2009 Internation Codes available here.

MBOIA Sends Resolve to Senator Collins on the Community Building Code Administration Action Grant Bill. 

Click here for the resolution

New Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Rules to Take Effect in October. 

Here is a link to the memo issued by the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

International Code Council Update November/December 2009

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